Kawanua New Zealand

Kawanua New Zealand is a non profit organization of an Indonesian Manadonese community in New Zealand, formally established on 1 April 2013 in Auckland with the objective to unite all Kawanua people living in New Zealand.

The community members mainly originated from the ethnic group of Minahasa, North Sulawesi province, geographically located in the northern part of central Indonesia. The capital city of North Sulawesi is Manado therefore Kawanua people are also popularly known as Manadonese among many ethnics in Indonesia.

Kawanua migrants who are studying, working and living in New Zealand realise the importance of maintaining and nurturing familial nature, mutual respect and mutual understanding with spirit and noble values of ​​"Si Tou Timou Tumou Tou" (one lives to give life to others), "Mapalus" (mutual aid) and "Torsamba" (torang samua basudara - we are all family).

We warmly welcome all the Kawanua especially those who are in the Aotearoa and anyone of any ethnic and nationality who has special interests on our community and North Sulawesi,  to join and support us in achieving our objectives and realizing our Mission. Contact us (click here) for further information.

"Pakatuan Wo Pakalawiren" (wishing you long life and good health)

Merry Christmas 2013 from Kawanua NZ - Auckland

Merry Christmas 2013 from Kawanua NZ - Wellington

Merry Christmas 2013 from Kawanua NZ - Christchurch

Kawanua Night 23 Nov 2013